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perspective:the golden rule

History tells us that wars are not an inevitable part of human existence. They are started by humans and can be avoided by humans. Wars destroy societies, ravage people’s lives, and bring aching voids filled with oceans of tears at the deaths of family members. No one knows this more than David Meakes, World War II veteran. Diplomatic avenues, mandatorily explored to their maximum, may resolve differences, thus avoiding conflict.

In his book, Perspective: The Golden Rule, Meakes explores the folly of war and the rewards of pursuing peace. This semiautobiographical account takes the reader through a sweeping chronology of the life of David Meakes—from his formative years, through his participation in WWII, and through his subsequent seventy-two years of continuing wars. He describes in detail how his experience influenced his perspectives on politics and world issues.

His review of historical events that shaped wars in the past is a scathing commentary on how vicious and cruel is man’s desire for money and power. Meakes concludes with an analysis on how the world can achieve world peace. The quest for peace is as elusive as ever, and with Perspective: The Golden Rule, David Meakes adds something new to the conversation.

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About the Author

David Meakes is a Canadian-born World War II veteran. He is ninety-five years old and a retired podiatrist. Meakes has one son and one granddaughter. He’s happily living in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife, Olga.

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I contend that our security lies not in our strength of arms, but, in the long term, in-our-easy-to-build, co-operative, caring, compassionate society that our international neighbors would admire, trust, and try to emulate. With an open welcoming society, enemies would become friends.

The perception by the United States that it should help lead the world to a U. S. based form of democracy was gestated in good will, good intentions, and an altruistic belief that all the world desired the same form of democracy as the U. S. But, in my view, it is a too-impatient policy.

Fear can provide the impulse. Fear can provide the spark. The one thing that is certain is that it is from the human mind that the concept of a new protective deity, or god, or religion, first emerged.

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