WWII Veteran Author Shares Perspective on the Ills of War and Rewards of Pursuing Peace

admin October 13, 2017

War Hero Author Gives In-depth Perspective about War and His Proposed Solutions for Lasting Peace.

World War II veteran David Meakes gives a spirited discussion about the folly of war and the rewards of pursuing peace in his book Perspective: The Golden Rule. He shares to the readers a persuasive analogy by pointing out historical events that triggered wars and those related w . . .

War Veteran Author Creates Book about His Perspective on War

admin October 13, 2017

World War II veteran discusses the harms of war and the rewards of pursuing peace in his book.

In his book, Perspective: The Golden Rule, author David Meakes relays to the readers his passionate and revealing insight, and contemplative and in-depth analysis in order to reinforce our reasons why we disapprove and abhor the immorality and cruelty of war. He gives the readers his . . .


Discharge and Disillusionment

David Meakes February 14, 2018


A personal, transcendental moment of illusion infused my being on that most glorious of days when, after over 5 years of restrictive service in Canada’s overseas military services, I was discharged. It was July 24, 1945. That day was magnificent. It was the high point of all time. It was the first day of a magical period. The menace of Hitler had been laid to rest. In 2 . . .

Sentimental Journey

David Meakes February 21, 2018


October 1, 1943

RCAF HQ, London, England


After almost three years in the Canadian Army in Great Britain, I was transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force for aircrew training back in Canada. In the three-week period from October 8 to October 30, 1943, I was at a repatriation depot near Liverpool, England. After bouncing off a previous shaky r . . .

Sentimental Journey Continued

David Meakes February 28, 2018

August 25, 1945

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


No one could tell me where to sign up for a boat that transports horses, and I searched the docks, walking for over a day before I located the correct location. On the 26th, a Mr. Sylvester was just completing signing up a 40-man horse crew for the next horse boat, but by saying that I had grown up with horses and had . . .

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