Paranoia — Cause of the Cold War

Paranoia — Cause of the Cold War

David Meakes July 2, 2018

Seneca, The Younger, over 2000 years ago, "Worse than war, is the fear of war."  President Franklin Roosevelt concurred 90 years ago, "All we have to fear, is fear itself." Paranoia is described as "delusions of supposed hostile intentions of others."  Three individuals with that mind set appear to have been the prime architects of the Cold War, which being 'cold' did not have specific batt . . .

how paranoia caused the cold war

Part 2: PARANOIA — Cause of the Cold War

David Meakes July 4, 2018

Anti-Communism was the focus in the Forrestal years, 1946 to 1949. All of the following were introduced: the Marshall Plan, NATO, the World Bank, Radio Free Europe, the National Security Act, the National Security Council to run it. Forrestal upgraded the CIA and cooperated with J. Edgar Hoover and Senator Joe McCarthy to build the Black List. Forrestal coordinated Pentagon 'loyalty checks', a . . .

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