FEAR — Origin of Religion — Continued

David Meakes May 23, 2018

A ruler's dream!  If one could gain control of the developing creed; place into use the rules that would be most helpful to the ruler; justify it for being mandatory because God said so; use personal leadership and charisma to train and imbue the most trusted adjutants in the same belief; a tranquil status quo could be maintained; and then, because of resulting peace, 'it would be possible t . . .


Money, Power and War

David Meakes July 25, 2018

The horrors of war can only be viscerally, and empathetically understood by those who have experienced:  the fragility of their own bodies in danger and combat; the repulsive but demanding urgency of flowing blood; the blending odors of blood, sweat, urine, feces and death itself; heard the screams, moans, groans, curses and prayers at sudden violent trauma; and experienced the abrupt vacant . . .

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    David Meakes

    David Meakes

    David Meakes is a Canadian-born World War II veteran. He is ninety-five years old and a retired podiatris... read more

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