War Veteran Author Creates Book about His Perspective on War

admin October 13, 2017

World War II veteran discusses the harms of war and the rewards of pursuing peace in his book.

In his book, Perspective: The Golden Rule, author David Meakes relays to the readers his passionate and revealing insight, and contemplative and in-depth analysis in order to reinforce our reasons why we disapprove and abhor the immorality and cruelty of war. He gives the readers his persuasive insight by bringing to them a semi-autobiographical story and a thoughtful recollection of his experiences in life where we can draw lessons and renewed perspective. With the turn of the pages, readers will see a glimpse of his growing years, his religious and political beliefs, and he gives a riveting account about his five years of WWII experience. From his life experiences and observations, he gives historical examples that altered the course of history such as the assassinations of President John Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert Kennedy. He also shares an extensive and comprehensive review of the causes and solutions of war, and with this review he offers the readers a unique and informative approach to this age-old and significant problem and the hope that seed of the efforts to pursue peace will grow and culminate into a global and peaceful society someday.

Perspective: The Golden Rule, is a book worth reading for readers of history and those interested in societal advancement. This eye-opener of a book will hit the bookshelves this coming October 11, 2017 at the 2017 Frankfurt International Book Fair. So mark your calendars and be there!

Perspective: The Golden Rule
Written by David Meakes
Published by Outskirts Press
Published date May 18, 2016
Paperback price: $28.95

About the author

David Meakes is 93 years old, and was born in Canada. He saw action during World War II for five years and is now amongst the few surviving WWII veterans. He is also a retired podiatrist. He has one son, one granddaughter, and he lives with his wife Olga in Mesa, Arizona.

Quote: A perspective-altering, anti-war book from a war hero author.

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    David Meakes

    David Meakes is a Canadian-born World War II veteran. He is ninety-five years old and a retired podiatris... read more

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