WWII Veteran Author Shares Perspective on the Ills of War and Rewards of Pursuing Peace

admin October 13, 2017

War Hero Author Gives In-depth Perspective about War and His Proposed Solutions for Lasting Peace.

World War II veteran David Meakes gives a spirited discussion about the folly of war and the rewards of pursuing peace in his book Perspective: The Golden Rule. He shares to the readers a persuasive analogy by pointing out historical events that triggered wars and those related with war, such as the people and organizations that made a firm stand against war; he then gives a comprehensive review of the causes and the possible resolutions for war.

He makes the book engaging and convincing by giving it a ‘personal’ touch: he made it into a semi-autobiographical account. He gives the readers a glimpse of his growing up and formative years, and how being once a participant of one of the biggest wars in history – World War II – shaped his perspective. He makes the book relatable and engrossing by giving readers his personal experiences and at the same time giving an objective and comprehensive background and information about war, its history, causes and possible solutions which grabs hold of the readers’ interest as the author takes them on a unique and informative journey about the age-old and significant problem of war and the never-ending pursuit of lasting peace.

This informative and timely book is indeed a great addition to our collection of essential and noteworthy books. The 2017 Frankfurt Intl Book Fair last October 11, 2017 was a spectacular event where we got a hold of this and many other wonderful books.

Perspective: The Golden Rule
Written by David Meakes
Published by Outskirts Press
Published date May 18, 2016
Paperback price: $28.95

About the author

David Meakes is 93 years old, and was born in Canada. He saw action during World War II for five years and is now amongst the few surviving WWII veterans. He is also a retired podiatrist. He has one son, one granddaughter, and he lives with his wife Olga in Mesa, Arizona.

Quote: A compelling perspective of war and peace from an author who saw war up close and personal.

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    David Meakes

    David Meakes is a Canadian-born World War II veteran. He is ninety-five years old and a retired podiatris... read more

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